Bill Schiess Flies

Flies tied by world renowned Henrys Lake fisherman, Bill Schiess

Minnow Lecch Trolling Fly beadhead

same as minnow leech but with a beadhead


Minnow Leech Trolling Fly

White flash body with Green tail  this is a large trolling fly


Red Crystal Bugger

Red flash body woth red tail with a bit of red flash


Green Super Sage

 green body with black head, great Henry's lake fly and well as on the bottoms for rivers and streams


Peacock AH beadhead

same as peacock AH but with a beadhead


Purple Showgirl Trolling Fly

Same as purple showgirl reg only larger


Gold Glimmer Trolling Fly

same as gold glimmer only larger


Ed Red

pink and red mohair body with red tail  great fly for Island Park Res.


Red Black Crystal Bugger

red flash body with black tail


Dark Olive Rug Yarn

large flash body with lt olive tail



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