Bill Schiess Flies

Flies tied by world renowned Henrys Lake fisherman, Bill Schiess

Chartruze AH BH

A light green fly with a green tail.


Blonde AH

This is a blonde fly with sparkle in the body.


Canadian Brown Mohair

This is a brown fly with a brown tail.


B.H. Brown AH

this is a lt. brown sparkle body with a brown tail another of Bills best


Olive Crystal

Olive flash fly with no tail


Copper Crystal

Copper colored fly with flash in body


Bills Book

This is a great book for anyone who is fishing Henrys Lake or other large lakes I would highly recomend it.


Mity Mouse beadhead

same as mity mouse except with a bead


Mighty Mouse

Small black body no tail.  Another of Bills Best


Canadian Red

This is a black body fly with red flash great lake fly early in the season



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